Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

We had the best weekend.  We seldom have so much fun when we stay in town but we made the most of a beautiful weekend.
1//  I posted them yesterday but I finally got a few photos of the little cowboys that I LOVE!
See more here.

2//  I completed week 2 of my 30 day challenge.  I ended the week proud of my running miles and stayed right on track with my calorie goal - yay!!
 Towards Thursday and Friday (as you can see) I was having difficulty only consuming 1200 calories - I was starving.  I think my cycle really played into my hunger, sorry TMI.  But over the weekend I was able to cut back to get my weekly average right at 1200.  
On Friday, I signed up for a 10K in June so the training has officially commenced   I surpassed my 3 mile weekend  plan since I went out running with my local running group and they decided we needed to make it an even 5 miles.  These ladies are rock stars and pretty much killed me!  Killed me but I loved it!  
Join me, I'm keeping track with dailymile and myfitnesspal.
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3// Saturday morning the little cowboys and I met our good friends the Wahl's (also a mommy with 2 rowdy little boys) to check out the 'Dinosaurs of Kansas' exhibit.  It was set up in a Airplane museum.  The kids loved everything about it!  What boy wouldn't t love a place full of huge airplanes and dinosaurs?  

4// After our trip to the museum and lunch with the Wahl's, we set out on a mommy/son date.  We did some shopping resulting in Keeler getting a new bike and then a yummy treat at a new frozen yogurt place. 

5// When we got home the neighbor girl, Cristen, agreed to watch the boys while I went out on my short long run.  They all seemed to enjoy a couple other treats we picked up on our shopping trip. 
 Chocolate Straws!
   and Watermelon!!

6// The biggest blessing this weekend was gorgeous weather!  
Just as planned we spent A LOT of time outdoors.  
On Sunday evening we had an impromptu 'outdoor' neighborhood dinner party.  Three other families and us had a delicious rib dinner followed by lots of laughs and watching our boys play.    I hope this dinner was the first of many.  We have the best neighbors and an added perk they also have little boys that play so well together. 


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