Thursday, April 25, 2013


At the beginning on the month we went on a couples trip to New Orleans with our dear friends the Van Bakel’s.  I had told Tyler that I wanted a trip for my 30th birthday – I didn't care where we went as long as I got to sleep in and could have a spa treatment.  So when the Van Bakel’s suggested NOLA – we were game.  It was the best of all worlds for our little group – shopping, eating, gambling and sightseeing.  I would say that our trip centered around eating more than any of the above – we had some fabulous food!  More than eating though, we laughed.  It was a great getaway and so good for Tyler and me as a couple.  With our busy schedules and two demanding precious little cowboys constantly at our feet it was nice to have the adult time without schedules. 
Enjoy the photo dump :) 
P.S. The photo above - my first successful 'panorama' shot!
We met up in Dallas and then shared the same flight to NOLA.
Watch out New Orleans the Bakers and Van Bakel's have arrived!
First meal was at  Mother's  famous Po-boys
 First of many trips to Bourbon Street
Drinks at Pat O'Briens - sharing Hurricanes and popcorn.  I loved this place!
Day one also included shopping, dinner at Acme Oyster House and the best ever bicycle ride to Harrah's for some gambling. 
Day 2 Breakfast - we spotted breakfast plates the day before while eating lunch at Mother's and knew we had to return.  
I loved all the old buildings.  We did a lot of walking so we didn't feel quite as bad for all the food we consumed. 
Saint Louis Cathedral
Day 3 (Saturday) we went down to Jackson Square for beignets at Cafe Du Monde.  I had no idea what a beignet was (pronounced "been-yay") but everyone told us you can't go to New Orleans and not have them.  They were good - similar to funnel cake but more doughy.    
We loved Jackson Square!  The weather was perfect, we watched a crazy cool street performance and again did some shopping.
 I scored this adorable new purse!
We had lunch on a balcony at a brewery.  The boys did their 'tour of beers.'
At this point I had embarked on my own Bloody Mary tour.  At the end of our trip, I concluded the best was an Apple-wood Bloody Mary from a little random German restaurant.  I'll have to refrain from asking for bacon in my Bloody Mary’s for the rest of time. ;)
 After lunch we walked down by the river boats.  
Tyler found our hotel's rooftop pool.  Too bad it was too chilly to enjoy. 
Our nights were spent on Bourbon Street.  To think it was just a random week/weekend and all the crazy things we saw - I don't think I'd want to return for Mardi Gras.  It was fun and definitely entertaining.  
 Our last full day started with a special birthday present from Tyler -  a couple's massage!  It was so relaxing.  After that we met back up for lunch, a little more sightseeing and visited a few more bars on Bourbon Street.
Four days was perfect.  We felt like we had done everything we had wanted to do, felt rested but ready to get home.  
The little cowboys had a great vacation while we were away.  They were watched by both my parents and in-laws (kind of a tag team effort).  
Thanks again for taking such good care of the boys.  We have the best family!  



  1. What a fun birthday trip! I wonder where my husband will take me on my birthday???!!! haha...That photo of Homer Simpson cracks me up!

    1. Tell him he has to take you somewhere really nice! I texted the Homer picture to Toby from NOLA - I knew he'd get a kick out of it! :)