Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Announcing Brody

As you read in my previous post our family recently welcomed our newest nephew, Brody, to the family.  When he was just two days old I had the privilege of  taking some pictures for my sweet sister-in-law.  
Tiffany mentioned that she always thought she wanted a little girl but while riding home from the hospital she felt so complete with "her boys."  
I know the feeling :)
Since I am running behind in life in general I didn't get these edits done as quickly as I planned.  However, it turned out perfectly that my mother-in-law was up in Kansas for a family wedding so she helped me narrow them down and pick out a design for the birth announcement.  
Here is what we came up with after being "inspired" by some Pinterest finds...  
Congratulations Russell, Tiffany and Bryon.  We love you!

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