Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ring Bearer - Take 3!

 This past weekend was Keeler's third time to hold the job of ring bearer.  In February of 2010 he was in our friend Toby and Anne's wedding. In August 2010 he was in my cousin Ashley's wedding - who was marrying one of Tyler's best friends.  
I might be partial but I think he makes a very handsome ring bearer.  This time around was definitely less stressful since he is older and knows how to behave.  I can't say it enough, he did amazing!  He was so patient while waiting for the wedding to start, during the ceremony and through pictures.  We were all so proud.
Birttney & Tolan made it back from their honeymoon.  She was so excited for me to see the photographer, Jason Ryman's pictures.  They ended up with some fabulous photos. I thought I better post for memory sake and I know some grandparents that will appreciate seeing them too :)   
{The Ceremony}
{The Reception}

Thanks again Brittney and Tolan for sharing your special day and for asking Keeler to be a part.
Welcome to the family Brittney!



  1. What a handsome young man. - CK

  2. Your family is very photogenic!