Friday, September 13, 2013

High Five For Friday

1//  We explained to Keeler that when the new furniture arrived that they no longer would be allowed to eat on the couches.  I told him maybe we could bring in his kid table from his bedroom and that's where they could eat breakfast.  First thing Monday morning this little cowboy moved in his table.  Our living room now resembles a restaurant for small people but we're ready for new furniture!  Keeping our fingers crossed for next Wednesday.
2//  Oh Kal, this boy is a momma's boy.  He loves to be by my side at all times.  I caught this rare moment of him in his room alone "reading."
3//  Momma's boy, need I say more?
4//  Kal is a highchair graduate!  Seeing these two hold hands during our dinner prayer is priceless.
5//  High Five for rain!  Our Gator rides have been less this week due to a couple rainy days and cooler temps.  Is fall really on it's way?!

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