Friday, September 6, 2013

The Cutest Cowboy Ring Bearers!

 In August, Keeler and his cousin Bryon were ring bearers {yet again} in their cousin Heather's wedding.  These two are pros!  
The wedding was beautiful and Heather was a stunning bride.  She had a cowboy theme wedding and everywhere you looked there was pink and lime green.  
Yesterday, Heather emailed the link to her pictures.  They ended up with some fabulous photos. Again, I thought I better post for keepsake and I know some grandparents that will appreciate seeing them too :)   
 We were a little apprehensive on how well the little cowboys would do together during the ceremony but they stood up with the groomsmen just perfectly.  Great job boys!  
 The boys didn't quite know what to think about walking with the flowergirls but oh my goodness, they were all so cute.  
 Bryon really took a liking to his little flowergirl ;)
 {The Reception}
 These two and Kal had the best time at the reception.  
They all love to dance and have a good time.  We couldn't keep Kal away from the candy bar and then off the dancefloor.  I think he's going to be like his mommy! #cantdancebutiloveit
 I absolutely adore this picture of uncle Troy with Keeler and Bryon.  Tyler has always looked up to his uncle so much and it's evident why - he's the greatest guy and I think he has a couple more admirers on his hands.
Congrats again on your special day Mrs. Heather Mitchell.  Thanks for sharing your special day and for asking Keeler to be a part.  We love you!


  1. No joke, what handsome boys. Joy

  2. Yep! I agree they are the cutest ring bearers!