Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Keeler’s First Day of Preschool 2013

Today is Keeler’s first day of preschool!
 No, you're not imagining things... Keeler did graduate from preschool last year.  If you're interested in why we chose to have him take it "just one more time" check out THIS post.  
 We are so blessed to have Mrs. Winner as his teacher again.  
She has been so good for Keeler.  
Look at how much my little cowboy has changed since he started school.  I love watching him grow and learn.  This year he walked in with his head held high and said he was "so excited!"  Not a single tear was shed - well Kal was really pissed he didn't get to go to school.  
After a quick high five we separated and I feel confident that we made the best decision for our little guy.  I hope he enjoys every second of his last year in preschool.  


  1. LOVE that backpack! I'm wishing Keeler a year of lots of fun and of course a good year of learning too.