Monday, January 13, 2014


Happy Monday!  This post is full of randomness, I apologize.  
Keeler's first week back at school went well.  He is doing so much better with school this year and seems eager to go everyday.   I hear things like: "Hurry mom, we can't be late!" "I want to be the first one there!"  I am so glad that he enjoys school.  This week he is learning the letter "J."  He brought home this paper:
Look closely, he added green detailing to make it look like his new camo jacket.  I love it!  He got this new jacket for Christmas.  When I told Tyler that I had ordered it he said, "great, he's going to think he's a hunter or solder now."  ....and that he does ;)

Last Sunday the boys and Tyler were surprised with the arrival of another baby calf  from their herd.  It was terribly cold when he was born, the delivery wasn't going well so uncle Troy had to pull him.  The poor thing's head and tongue were both swollen plus the mama cow wasn't taking to the baby.  All the boys worked in the shop getting them warm and the little cowboys got to see him take his first steps.  It was such a great experience.  Through the week Tyler was hoping that the mama would start feeding him but it just wasn't happening.  He tried a bottle but the little guy couldn't figure out how to eat because of his tongue so he resorted to tube feeding.  Tuesday evening I promised the little cowboys I would take them to the farm to check on him.  Keeler got to help "feed him." 
{Sorry for the blurry pics but it was getting dark and it was COLD!}
Over the week we prayed for our new little calf.  Keeler named him "Bucky Lucky."  Tyler suggested lucky because he knew he'd be lucky if he survived.  Unfortunately, on Thursday we had to break the news to Keeler that Lucky didn't make it.  He took the news okay until bedtime.  He cried a lot and it broke my heart.  I tried to console him and told him we could have a little funeral.  I gave him a "lucky" penny to place on his nightstand... I just wasn't prepared on how to cope with the loss of a pet yet!  I witnessed such a sweet moment when Tyler went in after me.  He told him a story about when he lost a pet.  Then on Saturday Tyler took Keeler out to the farm and they buried what Keeler called a "time capsule" for Lucky, including the penny and a picture he drew.  Dealing and coping with loss is never easy.  I sure hope we handled it okay.  In the big scheme of things this was minimal but I never like to see my babies hurting. 

I was out shopping this week and came across the cutest toy shaving kits.  Tyler gives the boys their baths nightly so he's really been enjoying supervising shaving cream fights and trying to keep this one from eating the cream!
Evidently he thinks we shave our tongues??? Oh boy!

This week I set out to run on the treadmill more.  I'm like the rest of the world and find this time of year a motivator to set a new fitness goal.  My goal:  workout more days in the week than not, aka at least 4 times!  I'm not training for anything.  I think I burnt myself out last year and I'm not going to obsess.
I met my goal and ran 5 times this week!  I got a pair of wireless headphones for Christmas so now I can watch TV and hear it too while I'm running.  This is perfect for when I run in the evenings after the boys are in bed.  All the good TV shows are on and I don't disturb anyone.
 If I run on the treadmill when the boys are awake they play in the basement right beside me.  I knew I would stick to my goal over the weekend if they wanted to be downstairs.  So on Friday afternoon I took their new "working chute" from the playroom to the basement.  It worked great until someone needed a trailer hitched (seriously "a boy mom" prob), to go to the bathroom or a snack.  After running I always stretch and lift weights.  Fortunately, I have 2 sets of 2lbs weights so the little cowboys can lift with me.  It's the cutest.  Kal lasts about one rep and tells me how "heby" they are.

 Along with exercising more, I'm trying to be more conscious about serving more vegetables to my family.  This weekend broccoli was a big hit.  We made up a batch of Mix and Match Mama's: Sausage & Corn Chowder.  It was delicious and very hearty!

If you stuck with me through this post, again sorry for the randomness and...


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  1. I love the J for Jacket picture he colored, and I may be pretty confidant that he does better than some of my 1st graders. And yeah!! to motivating your self to work out more, I am on that same bandwagon!! See you soon:)