Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Whoas: KFBYFR14

I hope you had a great weekend.  On Friday morning Tyler and I got up and headed to Manhattan to attend the Kansas Farm Bureau Young Farmer & Rancher Conference.  We had a great weekend getting to know fellow farmers/ranchers and gaining priceless knowledge.
We were at the conference pretty much the entire weekend but we did enjoy a couple nice meals together and soaked up the adult alone time.
We got to hold conversations without a chatty 5-year-old butting in and we even got to go see a "big people movie" on Saturday night.  We watched Lone Survivor.  #youmustgosee #prepareyouremotions 
We were really impressed with the conference and are looking forward to future projects!

My parents stayed at our house and watched the boys.  Thanks again for being such devoted and wonderful grandparents.  We are so blessed and the little cowboys had a blast. 
I sure missed the little cowboys....  Keeler greeted us with a sign he and Grandma Kak had made us.  {He really was happy to see us contrary to this expression.} 
Thankfully we had beautiful weather on Sunday so we took advantage and played with the neighbor boys.  Watch out --- crazy brother drivers on our road!  The neighbor boys got their own Gator for Christmas so now everyone gets a turn!
What do you do after Gator rides?  Play in the dirt.  Oh the joys of boys ;)
We surprised the boys with new pajamas and the anthology of all the Kailey books from our little trip.  Kailey’s Ag Adventures is a collection of Kansas Farm Bureau stories written by Dr. Dan Yunk with the purpose... "to teach children that their food comes from the farmers and ranchers who love, care and respect the land entrusted to them."  We received one of the books, "Milk Comes from a Cow?" several years ago and Keeler has always loved it.  He was really excited to start reading the others.  I learned this weekend that there is a website that even includes lesson plans on the topics.  Fellow mommies and teachers: check it out here.    
Sidenote:  Think they'll humor me and wear matching pajamas forever?

Sunday night I watched the Bachelor wedding.  Seriously, the first hour+ was so awkward.  I was embarrassed for them!  They focused on their "wedding consummation" so much.  Yes, it's incredibly cool that Sean has saved himself for marriage but it was just focused on too much.  In the end it was a gorgeous wedding and this couple sets a great example for young people.    
The final whoa: my parents broke my baby.
Well, not really broke him but spoiled him!  My dad held him each night until he fell asleep.  They said the little guy just wouldn't stay in his crib.  Saturday morning he woke up at 5:30a and got in bed with them.  Then on Sunday he got up and got in bed with them at 3:30a --- my poor parents!
Kallahan really took a liking to his new routine and couldn't believe that I wasn't going to let him stay up and watch TV with me?!  As tempting as it was because I really missed the little guy and would have loved the cuddle time I knew I had to break this.  I also thought, why not take this opportunity to transition him to his big boy bed?  We've joked that he would stay in the crib until kindergarten but in reality it's time.  It wasn't easy.  He was up 118 times, okay maybe only a dozen times but we made it through the first night!  
At 6:30 he walked into my bathroom and "helped" me put on my makeup.  
My baby is growing up :(


  1. I know it's not easy. Hope he adjusts easily. Btw, you're adorable!

  2. Ok so many things! First off! SO nice having a couple kid-free days! Ahh perfection! ...secondly you have the most gorgeous hair! Third...I MUST buy those books!!! My kiddies would loveee them! Thanks for sharing! Fourth...the matching Jammie's!?! Obsessed!! And nailed it with the wedding description...seriously still reeling from awkwardness of the honeymoon cam...ahh but yes SUCH a beautiful example Sean is...and lastly! A bug boy bed!? We are totally working in the same in our house with Bella! So bittersweet! Phew! Lots to say! ;) loved the post. Have a great night!

    1. YES, that camera pop-up was soooo strange. Obviously they take this part of their relationship as very sacred and special --- so let's exploit them??? Thanks so much for the sweet comments and best of luck with Bella!