Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Biskitt and Bryon!!

This past weekend we traveled to Texas to par-tay!  
I have to preface this post with a small explanation to make us seem a little less crazy... however that might be impossible.  Almost every night I read Kallahan a Biscuit story.  One evening, Keeler sat in on:  
The next day, Keeler got it in his head that my dad's new dog (ironically, also named Biscuit but spelled "Biskitt") needed a birthday party.  He asked to face-time my dad to see when Biskitt would be turning one.  My dad, knowing we were coming up soon for our nephew's party, pretended to go look at her birth certificate and said "March 1st!"  So of course we had to throw a party over the weekend - Biskitt is 1!  
Keeler planned everything and went with a cowboy theme.  He wanted decorations, games and a cake.  The cowboy theme worked out nicely since I had leftover decor.  
 The cute cowboy party-planner and Biskitt.
 Our best attempt at a group shot.  It worked out great that my cousin Ashley and her family came over.  Who wouldn't want to come to a dog's first birthday party?!
 My mom made birthday brownies for us... 
poor Biskitt didn't get any but she got A LOT of doggy biscuits so she was content.
The kids had a great time!
Biskitt really liked the attention but I think my dad (a.k.a. Pa Diddy) had the best time ;)
After the party we had lunch with Ashley and her clan at Blue Sky.  They have a huge sandbox by their patio dining.  Again, the kids were in heaven.  

Now onto, the REAL reason we made our venture to Texas: to celebrate Bryon turning five!!
Russell and Tiffany threw Bryon the cutest camping birthday party.  They had tents set up, a fire pit and tons of other cute camping touches.  Unfortunately, right before his party a cold front came in and made it hard to be outside.  The little boys didn't seem to care and had a great time running inside and outside.  Sorry, no outside pictures --- this mommy stayed in where it was warm.  
Bryon loved his dirt bike cake...
little did he know he had a real dirt bike waiting as a gift!  Check out his helmet!
Look at all the little boys!
Keeler spent the end of the evening loving on our littlest boy, cousin baby Brody.
What a fun weekend! 
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