Sunday, March 9, 2014

Erik & Shalie's Engagement Photos

Shalie & Erik are engaged!  Shalie is my husband’s cousin.  She is such a sweet, creative and beautiful young lady.  Erik is a great guy too.  He is really down-to-earth and easy going.  They compliment each other well and spending time with them for the photos was a lot of fun.  They really make a great couple.  Remember when I did her older sister, Heather's, engagement photos?  Well, it's now Shalie's turn.  
Congratulations Shalie & Erik…we are so happy for you!!
Don't you love their wedding date!
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  The snow we got on Friday evening set a beautiful backdrop for these pictures.  However, it's all melted today and our Sunday has been gorgeous - high 60's and we've been playing outside.  I'll try to do a normal blog post soon to get caught up but I'm going back to play!!  

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