Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Details

Happy Easter Week!  I'm sharing our Easter decorations and the little cowboy's Easter baskets today so come on in...
I primarily decorated our main living spaces. For the first time in years we'll be home for the holiday and have family visiting so I wanted to add to my old decor just a little to make things more festive.
 I found the spring bunting on Now Yours and worked around that.  If you haven't checked this daily deals site out - you must!  Last year I had the idea to fill my tall glass vases with plastic eggs.  I did the same thing this year but spruced them up with new spring florals and burlap ribbon.
I added a little spring decor to our end tables too.  I got our Easter tree a couple years ago at Target.  The little cowboys enjoyed putting the ornaments on. Similar tree here.
I also added plastic eggs and a little grass to our apothecary jars.  The boys made these cute coasters from a little store bought felt kit.
In the dining area I hung eggs off the light fixture (thanks for the idea sis), changed the centerpiece to tulips with a little burlap ribbon.  Thank you Pottery Barn for this idea.  I'm obsessed with anything burlap! 
The little cowboys also made these little Easter place-mats.  Keeler realized I pretty much did Kallahan's for him and told me I should have put "Kelley" on it.  ;)

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We actually have "Easter buckets" over here.
The boys turned their buckets into sandbox toys last year so I picked up these new ones a few weeks ago at Target.  I like using the buckets because they do end up having multiple purposes and they're nice and deep for a lot of egg hunting.  I then added a chalkboard label to the front of them to personalize. 
I worked out of town last week so I made a Walmart run (alone - hallelujah!) and finished up their baskets, assembled and hid them before I picked up the boys.  It's nice to have that off the list. 

In our house the Easter basket is from us and not the Easter bunny.  The Easter bunny strictly drops off the eggs in the yard.  I decided this last year because we wanted a little credit.  It always make me sad when Keeler talks about the great gifts Santa and Grandma Kak give at Christmas.  I wasn't going to be showed up by a bunny too ;)
Right before I went shopping last week, the boys had a dentist appointment and our hygienist suggested a Sonicare kid's toothbrush for Keeler since he was unfortunately blessed with a genetic tarter problem.  They aren't cheap and I knew if Keeler had one then Kal would think he needed one.  However, it was definitely something I think will be great for them both so that was my first item in the bucket with a couple extra brush heads.  That was the one practical item that will off-set the candy, right? ;)
They also got an Easter edition of each of their favorite books: Keeler loves Little Critters and Kal is all about the Biscuit books.  They'll each receive a kite, some sidewalk chalk ($1 box from Walmart with another cute chalkboard label), bubble wands, 3 bags of candy (of course) and a silly little monkey toy.  
I can't wait to get this Easter weekend started!  Wishing you the best...
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  1. What a great idea to sneak in a tooth brush! And oddly, my kids are crazy impressed with tooth brushes. - Stopping in from the hop. ~ Julie

  2. Yeah! Thanks for linking up Kelley! I do like the idea of using buckets and might steal that next year! Have a wonderful weekend new friend. :)

    1. Thanks for hosting! You too, happy Easter ;)

  3. Love the idea of a toothbrush :) My kids always get those in their Christmas stockings, I was going to put some in their Easter baskets too, but they needed new ones before then. Oh well :)