Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Whoas!

We had a fabulous weekend and a great week!  
On Thursday night when I got home from work I cleaned up the yard and started mowing.  Tyler got home right at the tail end and finished up the front while I gathered more tumble weeds.  I love this picture of the two of them.  I know my mom has a picture of my dad and I mowing just like this - I need to find it.  I've always enjoyed mowing.  Call me crazy but I think  it's almost therapeutic.    
The little cowboy were perfect while we worked in the yard.  They had been out all day with their Granny while she trimmed trees.  I hated to keep them out more once we got home but they LOVE outdoors and nasty weather was in the forecast for the weekend so I seized the opportunity.  
They cleaned their Gator while I mowed and then just sat on the front steps and watched.  They were so good I took them to the store to pick a treat once I was done with the front.  I'm sure I looked like a hot mess with grass all over me but they deserved it!

Friday night I helped host a GLOW RUN with my Ladies of Jr. Civic Club.  We had so much fun!
Our President, Sabra, and I set out on a mission to make our club more fun this year and I think we're doing a great job!  We have such a wonderful group of ladies and an awesome community that supported our race.
We ended up raising more money for scholarships this year from past years so we're calling that a HUGE success.  After the race, most of us met back at our house and had a celebratory margarita.  It was so much fun getting to know some of our new members better.

Saturday and Sunday we kept it very low key.  The little cowboys stayed with me all day on Saturday.  We tried to go to the library but discovered that they've started closing on the weekends.  Keeler was very disappointed.  Luckily I had a wooden model airplane hidden away so we went home and did some painting and building.
They both did so well.
Kallahan really surprised me.  He painted for over a solid hour.  He was so focused.  He told me he was painting a brown cow at one time and did really well identifying his colors along the way.  
In the evening we rented a couple movies and had a family movie night.  We watched Despicable Me 2 and after the little cowboys went to bed I watched Dallas Buyers Club.  I really didn't know much about the movie/storyline but knew it had won numerous awards plus Jered Leto was my teen crush.  It was very powerful - I would highly recommend. 
Sunday the little cowboys went with Tyler 'to help' on the farm.  I did a few chores but ended up staying in my pajamas all day, it was glorious!  
Our weather has been horrific, with 50mph+ winds and A LOT of blowing dirt.  They honestly called school today in a neighboring town due to wind.  We've all heard of "snow days" but seriously, a "wind day?!"  Honestly, better safe than sorry.  With so much blowing dirt, poor visibility becomes a huge issue.
There have been some terrible vehicle crashes in our area.  
We're all praying for rain and waaaay less wind.

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