Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Easter in Pictures

Our Easter weekend was wonderful...filled will lots of family time, great food, playing outdoors, worship, and TONS of laughs.  We had some of my husband’s family in town.  We loved getting to spend a holiday at home.  It made it pretty relaxing and the little cowboys love having their cousins around.

We kicked off Good Friday with a trip to the donut shop.  Everyone needed a bunny donut!
Later in the afternoon we took Tiffany, Russell and the kiddos to the zoo.  We had a lot of fun riding the bike, the train and then to top it off Tiffany bought all the boys a build-a-bear (zoo animal) for their early Easter gift.  We ended the evening with a nice dinner out.  Us girls and Brody went shopping and the big boys went bowling.  We packed a lot of fun in one day!

On Saturday we all went to the courthouse for our town's annual Easter egg hunt.  I can't get over this cute picture of Bryon and Brody with the bunny.  
Here we are patiently waiting for the egg hunt to begin...
We LOVE our little boys.  Too bad they had zero interest in taking pictures.
Checking out the goods!

 Then it was back home to dye our Easter eggs.

// Easter Morning // 
Of course the little cowboys woke up early and opened their baskets before our company was awake.  I was more concerned about them staying quiet and failed in taking their pictures but I did get this sweet picture of Bryon and Brody going through their goodies.  
Both the older boys received the Frozen soundtrack so they serenaded us while we got ready for church and ate breakfast ;)  
 Egg Hunt Time!
My little cowboys #lovethem 
 Cousins are the best!
"Mom, I can't hunt fast enough with this cowboy hat on!"
Keeler was so excited to get our prize egg, worth a whooping $1.25!
 After a delicious Easter meal at Granny's we all went out and flew kites.
We were blessed with the best weather on Easter Sunday.  It was the best kind of holiday and we made some special memories.  
From ours to yours, Happy Easter!!

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