Monday, April 21, 2014

Kallahan is 2.5 years old!

I mean seriously, look at that face!
...mischief is just radiating from those baby blues I love so much!!  

Our baby boy is officially not a baby.  Over the past couple of months he has really decided to take on this "big boy" role.  He's potty trained, sleeping in his own bed like a champ and trying his darndest to keep up with big brother.  He's such a thoughtful little guy.  He does stand up for himself when he needs to and has a bit of temper when life isn't going his way.

Wearing mostly wearing 2T.  He can still wear some 18-24mth pants and shorts 
Size 6 shoe
About 27 lbs - he's a runt but look at that big belly!
 Loves:  Being outside, riding his Gator, pushing his lawn mower, helping Daddy, peeing outdoors (yikes!), trucks/tractors, Koolaid, any type of meat and any candy (he's got his mommy's sweet tooth), Paw Patrol and Sheriff Callie. 

Dislikes:  washing his hair, having someone in the bathroom when he goes #2 - we get a harsh "LEAVE!"

Most Used Phrases:  "Play, play"  // "Klaid" for (Kool-aid) // "Hold, Hold"  
He's talking more and more everyday.
 Sometimes I think my heart is going to explode because I have so much love for all my cowboys, big and small.  That will never change.  Kallahan has brought unspeakable joy to our lives, made our little family complete and is definitely teaching me more than I think I am able to teach him.  We're so thankful for this gift God has given us!
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