Monday, July 21, 2014

Camp Baker

This weekend was the best!  I got the great idea to host a family camp day from Andrea.  It was the ideal weekend to "camp" because Tyler was busy on the farm and we had nothing planned.  
I put up the tent and did all the prep work on Friday after the little cowboys went to bed.  It felt like playing Santa ;)
I couldn't wait for them to wake up in the morning!
When Keeler woke up he could hardly wait for Kal to get up.  He said he had a great idea, to wear his camping shirt.  I loved it!
The little cowboys played in the tent with flash lights while I got around.
I printed them some camp theme coloring pages as well as checked out some camping books and movies from the local library.
Late morning we headed out for a scavenger hunt.  I assumed Keeler would walk with me but he asked to take the double stoller - why not? #yesmom #doubletheexercise 
  They loved looking for the items and I was amazed at how quickly Kal grasped the concept. He marked all the items off his list without any help.  
Midway through our hunt we stopped off and played at what will be Keeler's school playground.
It was getting hot so we headed back home.  They were starting to complain... Ummm, y'all are in a stroller and I'm the one pushing +70lbs here.  
We ended up finding everything on the list aside from a cat.  However, we ended up seeing one on our way home from church on Sunday and we were all so excited!

After lunch and naps we headed out to the farm to see Tyler.
We helped him water the cows and checked out the crops.
❤️ My handsome cowboy!
  Kal "drove" us back to the shop to help dad finish some stuff up and then we went for swim at the farm pool.
After our swim, the little cowboys and I collected rocks and twigs for making mini campfires before heading back home.
  We took old CDs and hot glued the rocks around the edges, filled in the center with the twigs and then made flames out of colored tissue.
Keeler talked me into letting him use the glue gun by telling me his teacher let him at preschool. 
He did an impressive job!
Once our campfires were complete, we gathered our goodies from our little s'mores bar and pretended to roast the marshmallows while dad figured out the timing on perfect s'mores in the microwave ;)
After our yummy dessert, we read one last camping book.  I had all intent of the little cowboys sleeping in the tent overnight but Keeler said he was really tired and would rather sleep in his bed.  Kal was pretty disappointed but settled with sleeping in his sleeping bag on his bed.  It was a win-win!  I just love my boys.  
Sunday we kept the tent up most the day and went for another swim.  It really was the best of times.  I love being at home and making memories. 
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  1. Oh my goodness you are the best YES MOM! This is the cutest camp I have EVER seen.

    1. Awww, thanks Sara. I'm trying my best ;)

  2. What a great weekend. You're so fun.

  3. Such good ideas for when I have young ones. I bet they did have the best weekend!

    1. For sure! We thought about inviting friends overs but Keeler said, "no, they're not Bakers." Your little ones will be allowed b/c they'll be Bakers!! xoxo