Saturday, July 19, 2014

Grant Co Fair

The week of the fair has always been one of Keeler's favorite times of the year.  He will ask throughout the year, "is the fair coming soon?"  It works out nicely that his birthday also falls around fair time so we can invite family to take part of some of the fair festivities.  This year Keeler's cousins were in town for his birthday party on Sunday but came up for the weekend so they all took part in the fair parade and kiddie tractor pull.  
 The bigger boys went with me in the morning to ride in the John Deere equipment.

After the parade we all headed to the fair grounds.  I went to work helping host a hot dog feed and kiddie tractor pull that our dealership and a local bank sponsored.
The little cowboys and all their cousins competed in the kiddie tractor pull.  Kal was too young to qualify for state but entered just for fun.  
All the other children (Keeler, Bryon, Samuel, Jacey and Jakob) placed in their age bracket and are eligible to go onto state, ha!  We had a blast with our little tractor-pullers. 
Keeler (5):  17.1" - 3rd Place
Bryon (5): 23.8" - 1st Place
Samuel (6): 19.1" - 2nd Place
Jacey (10): Full Pull, 26.8" - 2nd Place
Jakob (12): Full Pull - 1st Place 

On Tuesday, we took the little cowboys to the turtle races.
Our turtles didn't place but we still had a fun time!

On Thursday, I worked the Junior Civic ice cream social and Tyler brought the little cowboys up for the kid's rodeo.
They were both really looking forward to the mutton busting!
My world, right there in one picture ;)
Not the best video... but you'll get the idea:

After the kid's rodeo, we headed over to the carnival.

Summer is going by way too fast!

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  1. Oh my goodness you all are too cute! I love all the fair pictures. So sweet.

    1. Thank you Sara! I bet your little one has a blast at the fair too. Oh, to be young again ;)

  2. These pictures are adorable Kelley!