Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Festive 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!  What a busy, busy weekend. On top of all that busyness was a ton of fun. I hope you all had a wonderful & safe holiday weekend.

On Thursday morning I headed to my sister's to start the festivities.  The little cowboys were already in Texas (they went down on Monday morning for a short vacay).  Unfortunately, Tyler stayed home because it's his busy season.  It was so great to see everyone.  I couldn't get enough hugs from these two - mommy was missing them!
After lunch we ventured out to the pool to do a little 4th of July crafting. 
Give this boy a paintbrush and he is happy for hours!
Our little canvas' turned out adorable.  We ended up hanging them on the pool house for the upcoming party.  Thanks for the craft idea Andrea!
 After crafts we went inside for a festive mani/pani session.  I love this chick!
Then we started working on some of our sweet treats for the 4th party.

On Friday, my sister and her hubby threw a fab party!  They had some of their family there plus our parents and my in-laws.  I love all the families being together and thanks again Samantha and Jarret for being such gracious hosts! 
After swimming and a delicious dinner the kids started fireworks.  Between poppers and the big stuff I made sure we got some group pictures.  I just love our festive clan! 
The little cowboys
Bryon and Brody

Now onto the firecrackers...
To say they enjoyed it would be an understatement.  Keeler hung with the big kids and wanted to try everything.  Kal still didn't know exactly what to think beyond the poppers and wanted to be held and then decided he'd rather go inside and color, ha!  I enjoyed holding "my baby" because more than likely he'll be a little pyro like all the others by next year.

On Saturday morning we all got up and headed to my oldest nephew, Jakob's all-star baseball tournament.  It was so much fun to watch him!   
Doesn't my sis make the cutest baseball mom?! :)
Kal was beat and it was hot so between games we snuck in a nice long nap and another swim.
Jakob's last game didn't start until after 9pm.  It was nice and cool after a hot day.  The little kids ran and played and I had a blast watching Jakob pitch two innings.  It was so exhilarating to watch him.  He is a great athlete and I couldn't be more proud.
After the game, the little cowboys and I drove on back to Kansas. It was late but they slept and I enjoyed being back home and took full advantage of a relaxing Sunday at home with all my cowboys.
I hope your July fourth holiday was memorable as well.

Happy Birthday America!
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  1. So fun! Looks like a fabulous 4th indeed. Happy Tuesday, Becky! :)

  2. We also had a blast! It is so nice to be able to have extended families get together. It will have to become an annual tradition but I sure hope next year Tyler will be able to join the fun. Can't wait to see yall this weekend. We party all the time.

    1. A tradition for sure! Party Animals!!