Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy six years to my little cowboy Keeler!

Dear Keeler,
 Today you are six.  Seriously, how did this happen so quickly?!
You are smart, caring and adventurous.
You are very inquisitive.  You want to know everything.  Every. Thing.
You are a big helper – at home, with dad and at Granny’s house.  Sometimes your willingness to help drives us crazy but I hope that never changes.
You love to be outdoors.  ....playing in the dirt, riding your bike, helping on the farm.
You are silly and goofy and love to make others laugh.  
You are the best big brother.  Kallahan looks up to you so much and wants to be just like you.  You are great with other younger children too and work really hard to make them smile, coo and laugh.  You’re going to make a great daddy someday, just like your dad.
You love with your whole heart and give the best hugs. 
You can’t wait to be big and strong “like dad.”  You ask almost weekly to be measured.  You’re getting taller little buddy and working hard to be more independent.  You dress yourself and have a strong opinion on your clothes.  You like wearing work clothes most (with your new shiny belt buckle) but this summer you have decided that Nike “comfy clothes” are pretty nice too.
::You’ll be off to kindergarten in a few short weeks.  I can’t wait to see how well you will do.  I’m excited for you to meet new friends and touch more lives around you… because I know you will.
::For your birthday you asked for new farm toys, a new big barn, a 3 wheel scooter (like Jakob), a new "big bike" (like Bryon), a shiny belt buckle and a karaoke machine so you can play cattle auctioneer.  - requests granted by generous fam/friends and us and you're on top of the world! 
You lost your first baby tooth yesterday – one day before your birthday.  My baby is growing up. 
You are one of my greatest blessings. Six years ago you made me a mom and it’s been the absolute best six years of my life.
Love always, 

Enjoy Keeler's birthday song at Texas Roadhouse:

P.S.  a little message from Kallahan:
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