Monday, January 26, 2015

Life Lately

Crazy that my last post was titled "Happy New Year!" and now it's already the last week of January.  This month has soared by and to be honest, I just haven't had much to blog about.  It seems like the entire month I have been fighting a sinus infection so my energy has been low.  We've kept pretty low key but it's been nice to just relax and slow down a bit.  There's nothing better than spending time with these three...
Keeler celebrated the 100th day of school last week (time seriously needs to slow down).  This week he's super excited to get to dress up like a cowboy (which he does most days anyway) for Kansas' birthday and he's also excited for Donuts with Dad tonight.  
He's such a funny kid and always concerned about what he's going to wear.  His favorite is now button-down shirts and typically I tell him it's not an option for school days because they need ironed, ain't nobody got time for that.  I mentioned this week that maybe this weekend I could find time to  iron up several of them in advance... well last night, he helped me find the time, went and got the ironing board out and several of his shirts to nudge me along.  He sat on the bed and did his homework while I ironed.  The whole thing just made me smile :)
The Baker boys have been busy baking this month.  Tyler's grandma Shirley re-freshed him on making her homemade cinnamon rolls while we were there visiting.  Since we got home, he has been working on perfecting the recipe himself.  He's doing a great job and I've enjoyed taste testing - possibly too much.

This past weekend was filled with princess birthday parties for some of our favorite little girls.  Saturday was Ashton's Snowwhite party.  Both the boys managed to have a great time and luckily there were several other little boys in attendance so they felt right at home at the party.  Natalie did a fab job throwing a fun party and this mommy had fun selecting gifts from the "pink shopping isle."   
We also attended a Sophia the First party for my friend, Anne's little girl.  It was over-the-top perfection.  I'm sure Anne will post pictures soon on her blog so make sure to keep an eye out.  This picture above his Anne's husband, Toby, with their new little boy.  OMGosh, this baby boy is the cutest!  Toby and I worked together for several years when Tyler & I first moved to town (before Toby was married) and we became great friends.  I was always giving him advice on life, dating, etc... So he started calling me his "mom." It's absolutely awesome to see where life has led Toby.  He is so blessed and I'm so happy for him.  It was great to get to catch up with "my son"  and his darling family:)
Lastly, I've been working on decorating for Valentines and looking forward to a fun-filled weekend ahead.  My family is coming up this weekend.  We're celebrating my mom's and nephew's birthdays... and throwing in some Valentines festivities as well.  It will be a great cousin weekend.
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  1. I see my two handsome boys! :D Thank you for coming to Athena's birthday!