Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekend Whoas!

This past weekend my parents, my sister and her family came up to visit.  We had one of the best weekends!  We celebrated both my mom and Samuel's birthdays.
 Tyler and Jacey baked the birthday cake.  After the chowder I attempted to prepare on Friday night I was politely asked to stay out of the kitchen.  Hey, I tried. 
 My dad was super sweet and surprised my mom with some birthday flowers when we sent him out for milk.  We won't mention that Jarret was the one who suggested that he buy them and then had to remind my dad to get them out of the car when they got back to the house.
In the evening, we had our little party and invited Troy, Ronda and Granny over for dinner and to play games.  Granny was watching little Haylee so she got to party too :)
I'm so glad that we got to celebrate these two in our home.
My mom asked Tyler to make her a horse racing game like his brother, Tim, had made at Christmas.  He did an amazing job and we all had so much fun...
 well, some of us more than others.  My mom & I ended up being the big winners.
"Kentucky Derby Style"   Thanks for humoring me folks :)
 The kids played so well together.  Cousin time is the best!
On Sunday evening, we gave the little cowboys their {early} Valentines presents, mini leather recliners, and attempted to watch the Super Bowl in the basement.  We were all pretty tired from the busy weekend and ended up in bed quickly after the halftime show.

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