Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

TGIF!!  I hope you've had a great week.  I'm posting a very random "Friday favorites" post so bear with me.

{one}  Favorite Find
So, I happened upon this shower curtain during the holidays and it's only $19.99!!  I fell immediately in love and I almost bought it to update the little cowboy's bathroom but then decided against it when I thought of all other little things I would need to change the space (towels, rugs, art, etc..). But I keep thinking about it.
Our cabinets are painted dark brown, almost black... I found this picture on Pinterest and I think I'm going to have to take the plunge.  I just need inspiration/direction on towels.  What do I shop for?  Should I throw in a fun contrasting color like green, go with a complimentary pattern or just go white - almost spa like?  Decisions, decisions....

{two}  Favorite New Workout
Tyler and I started a new workout program this week.  A coworker is letting us borrow her DVDs.  She's already into the second half of the workout and she's feeling / looking amazing!  It's a an INTENSE eight week program.  We're only in the first week but it'll be a great boost to get me ready for summer while it's still too cold to run outdoors with my girlfriends. 

{three}  Favorite Wishlist Item
Isn't this Anthro frill swimsuit the cutest?!  
So, it's not an option, I WILL be finishing Insanity Max:30.  The entire 8 week workout program. I'm promising this to all of my blog followers (that's my mom and maybe two other people).  But for some extra motivation, from now until the end of the program I am NOT going to buy any clothing items.  Absolutely. Nothing.  So, perhaps I'll reward myself with this cute suit when I'm done.

{four}  What is your Favorite food Kallahan?
I had to video his sweet voice saying "spa-spa-spa-ghetti" because I never want to forget it. 

{five}  Favorite Moments
We've had some bipolar weather lately.  One day 70 then the next day 30.  On the rare warm days we're enjoying playing outside - always a favorite.  We're looking forward to a nice warm weekend.

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  1. Super cute suit! Good luck with the workouts - we have two married friends here that do Insanity and they look fab!

    1. Thanks for the luck girl, I'm going to need it!