Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Whoas!

We were blessed with another wonderful weekend and I hope you were too.  Here's a quick recap for my memories' sake. 
This weekend was our annual Chamber Banquet.  The theme this year was "Stars in Uniforms."  We decided to play off the patriotic theme and keep things pretty simple.  The centerpiece is my personal 4th of July centerpiece and then we added in some Americana items that we ordered online.  And what's more patriotic / American than vintage John Deere tractors as the take-home gift?! 
Tyler and I attended the banquet on Saturday evening but I failed to take any pictures because we were in such a rush (I decided to go run at 4:30 in 80° weather which was nice but I was a sweaty mess trying to get back looking presentable).  We had a great time at the banquet with some of my fellow coworkers and then a few of us went and watched American Sniper after the dinner.  I'm so glad that we were able to go see this movie... incredible depiction of a true American Hero.  And we're very thankful to Granny for watching the little cowboys... they had a fun night joining her at a church potluck dinner.   

On Saturday before the banquet the little cowboys and I headed over to the city to do some shopping.
My little Keeler has a one track mind and has been asking for a new cowboy hat for a while (little bro might of smashed his other one).  So I knew our first stop was to the western store to find a hat.  Look at my handsome little cowboy.  He needs to stop growing!
We had a nice lunch, went to TJ Maxx and scored some new pillows for the basement (I also have a one track mind and have been searching for almost a month for the perfect pillows) did a little grocery shopping and then finished off the trip with a froyo treat for the little cowboys.  It was a great trip.
When we got home the little cowboys played outside and soaked up the nice weather.  Once Tyler got home, I went for a run.
On Sunday, the boys woke up asking to eat the watermelon.  Why not?  
They managed to eat the entire thing by dinner.
Our two goofballs also woke up asking to play outside and they were going to play "Boss Co" and try to pull out our tree.  Keeler asked if I would make him a "Boss Co" shirt like Axl.  Why not?
If you watch The Middle you might know what this is about (we're guilty of watching this show on repeat - our entire fam LOVES it) and if you're not watching, start!  It's a funny little wholesome show.
Lastly, I finished my first full week of Insanity Max:30 AND ran over 11 miles.  Instead of Monday - Friday, I plan to be on a Wed - Monday schedule.  I typically have more time on the weekends so this should help.

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