Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wacky Wednesday and Valentines

It's "Wacky Wednesday" today at Keeler's school.  At least I hope it's today because we sent him to school looking like this, ha!  Let me tell you, it wasn't easy convincing my fashion-conscious six-year-old that yes, people will laugh at you but it's okay because that's what today is about.  You will laugh at everyone too... use your imagination!  
I sure hope he enjoys the day.
 Last night he got his Valentines signed, sealed stapled and ready to be delivered.  I was so proud that he did so well reading and writing all his classmates names.
 I showed Keeler three options for his cards this year and he picked this Lego option.  The printable is super cute and can be found here and we ordered the Lego candy off Amazon.  Thanks again to Andrea at the Momfessionals blog for always sharing the cutest ideas. 
Speaking on the cutest... check out my new vest!  Okay, so recall my recent vow to NOT purchase any clothing items until I completed Insanity Max:30?  Well, I might of broke that promise but just a little (I'm back recommitted and still on track with my workout).  
How could I resist?!
I pinned this J.Crew vest forever ago but there was no way I was paying $120... so when I stumbled upon this very similar one this weekend at TJ Maxx for only $30 it was A MUST.  
You totally agree, right?!  I love the pink pairing and it's perfection for Valentine's Day :) 

Who supports me the most in my "wacky" justifications and in life in general?  My very own Valentine, this sexy guy!  I am quite a lucky gal to have snatched him up.  He is the kindest and most caring person and I am so privileged to call him my own.  I can't even imagine doing life without him. Tyler, I love you!! 
I can't fail to mention my third little Valentine.  He shares the most lovin' with his mommy.  He gives the best "big hugs" and puppy kisses :)
Happy Wacky Wednesday and almost Valentine's Day!!
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