Friday, May 1, 2015

April Highlights

Happy May Day!  Sharing some of our favorite highlights from April today.
Spring Fling Fun: I worked all day one Sunday this month in our business' booth.  We planned for the little cowboys to look around the show and then go back home with Tyler but they ended up staying the entire time in our booth "helping" me.  It sure made the day go by quickly.  They both got their faces painted and enjoyed their little friends dropping by to visit. Oh, and sitting in the Gator too :) 

 The last event at Spring Fling was a kiddie tractor pull.
 Keeler went first in his age group.  We thought he pulled a full pull but he stopped a little off the line :(  Next time I hope he can watch someone before he goes out. Kal was still too young to compete but he had fun practicing!

Keeler was in his very first school program this month.  He starred as "the drummer!"  He did great and LOVED having so many people there to watch him.  In addition to us, Grandma Kak, Pa Diddy, Mimi, Tiffany, Tim & Erica all came to the program.  The kid had a full out entourage :)

One silver lining of funerals is that it brings people together.  Having all those additional loved ones around for part of the month was certainly a highlight!  Can you tell Kallahan minds all the extra attention? ;)

We'll close with the introduction of the newly formed "Baker Boy Band"
While my parents were visiting, the little cowboys got out all their instruments to put on a show and made a little mock stage out of our ottomans.  Pa Diddy jumped right in directing and took it to a brand new level.  
Here we come Nashville!!

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