Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Framily Staycation

fram·i·ly: when friends feel close like family
stay·ca·tion: a vacation spent in one's home and involving day trips to local attractions

We were so excited when the Van Bakel's let us know that they were coming to Kansas this summer to visit!  Andrew grew up coming here with Tyler but it was Kristin and Henry's first trip.  We have such a special bond with this little family.  Tyler and Andrew are best friends.  I just adore Kristin and now our little boys have a blast together.
Just being together is great but we tried our best to make the visit as much fun as possible {so they'll want to come back}.  Here's a few of our highlights... 
Introducing them to our little Spanish Ice Cream Shoppe 
A day trip to Boot Hill.  Enjoy ALL the pictures :)
Kallahan's face in this one cracks me up!
  these guys.
We finished up with shopping in the gift shop.  Of course Keeler picked a belt buckle.  Kal and Henry both settled on choo-choo trains.
Time to head on home...
We ate a lot of yummy food...
and did what boys love most...
 playing outside and gettin' dirty!
 Our neighbors took a quick liking to our visitors too.
 We can't wait to see the VB's again.  Next time we see them they'll have another precious boy.    Kristin, we're really getting outnumbered!!
 Happiness is: meeting an old friend after a long time and feeling that nothing has changed.
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  1. Such sweetness! Looks like you had a great visit! True friendship is such a precious treat.