Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I've been slacking on the blogging front so I thought linking up for What's Up Wednesday would be a fun and easy way to do a quick post.  So here goes...

1// What we're eating this week...
As most everyone knows not much cooking is taking place in my kitchen.  One of the biggest joys of summer comes from Tyler's grilling and the availability of a variety of fresh delicious fruits.  The little cowboys love fruit as much as I do!

2// What I'm reminiscing about...
With Kallahan starting preschool this fall, I can't help but focus on the fact that he's not "a baby" anymore.  {He'll always be my baby} He's really excited to start school and points out "his school" every time we drive by the preschool and I'm sure he'll do great.  I just wish time didn't go by so quickly.  
Can we go back to summer 2012?  

3// What I'm loving...
Oh my, there's just so much.  Most of all, I'm loving our summer schedule.  With longer days and Keeler being out of school I get to spend more time with the little cowboys.

4// What we've been up to...
Keeler is having so much playing t-ball this year!  He's played almost all positions and he's decided that catcher his is favorite position.  Why?  "Because I get to tag people out!!"  Their little team is so good and I'm amazed at how much they've been able to improve this year.  "Go Purple Bats!"
He always has a large cheering section.  My mom got to come to one of his games, granny is always there, Shalie and Eric have made several games and Miranda even came out for one.  Keeler loves an audience.  His biggest, littlest fan...
is certainly Kallahan.  Shalie and I are collecting quite the collection of poses from this awkward little one.  I'm sure Kallahan will be proud of these someday ;)

5// What I'm dreading...
One word, newsletter.  I have a deadline at work fast approaching.  Just getting started is the hardest part.

6// What I'm working on...
I joined Marta on a fitness challenge to complete #53milesinJune.  I have a few more days to complete my last 8.5 miles.  In July {after the 4th}, I'm going to try a Sugar Detox with this group.  Wish me luck!

7// What I'm excited about...
Plans confirmed this week that this fall we're going on a cruise to Cozumel!  

8// What I'm watching/reading...
Big Brother 17 premieres TONIGHT!  It really feels like summer when BB starts.  My sister and I have been watching this show for ALL 17 years now!!  Hard to believe I watched the first season when I was 14 and now we make our husbands watch too.  

9// What I'm listening to...
The little cowboys are still LOVING their recent VBS songs.  Their CD is on constantly.  There's no better sound than hearing them shout, "My God is Powerful!!

10// What I'm wearing...
Rompers, Rompers and More Rompers!  

Floral-Embroidered               Heathered Drawstring                 Button-Front

I'm a little romper obsessed folks.  But who knew an adult onesie was so comfy?  I've picked up a few and discovered that Forever 21 has best selection and they're super cheap.  I know they're a fad so why spend much?

11// What we're doing this weekend...
The Van Bakel's are coming to Kansas!!  Our three little boys {soon to be four...eek!} are sure to have a blast and I know us parents are looking forward to the time together just as much. 

12// What we're doing next month...
My sister and I are throwing our parents a special 40th anniversary celebration trip with some of their closest friends and family!  It's going to be a great time.

13// What else is new...
We're feeling abundantly blessed by Keeler's kindergarten teacher.  She is working with him this summer, Monday - Thursday for about an hour {out of the goodness of her heart} to keep him on track academically.  She was so sweet and just volunteered to help him while she works with her grandson in the mornings.  With their one-on-one work she picked up on that Keeler might be having some difficulties with his eyesight.  Of course I made an appointment the day she voiced her concerns and we were able to get him into a child eye specialist the next day due to a cancellation.  After a full adult-like exam it has been determined that he has a moderate focal issue and possibly a tracking issue.  We go back in mid-July for further testing (more pen and paper type) to determine his treatment plan.  I am so relieved that we're getting this figured out this summer.  With a little therapy and/or reading lenses he'll be sure to thrive in first grade.  I just can't thank his teacher enough for how much she's doing for our little cowboy.
{photo cred.: Auntie Erica.  She caught Keeler reading the High Plains Journal on Sunday morning.  Is he 6 or 66?!  I love it!}

Bonus// What are you doing for the 4th of July?
We're having the PARTY at our house this year!  Last year we went to Texas and due to a busy farming schedule, Tyler had to stay home.  We had a great time at my sister's house but I hated that Tyler was missing out on spending the holiday with his little cowboys.  The pictures above our from our last 4th of July party in 2013.  Our boys have grown so much!!  The little cowboys already have big plans for fire crackers with their cousins.  It's sure to be a fab 4th!!  
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  1. I just found your blog through the "What's Up Wednesday" Link up, and I love your blog! I love Big Brother as well. My little boy was in T-Ball for the first time this year, and it amazed me how far the entire team came. I loved your post today, have a great day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the sweet comments.

  2. It looks like your summer is and is going to continue to be great! That cruise! What fun!

    1. Yes it is!! We're pretty excited. Always nice to get away. Have a great day!!

  3. I love when summer hits so my husband takes care of all the cooking on the grill too! Cozumel will be perfect in the fall and that isn’t too far off!

  4. Enjoying little cowboys in the summer is my favorite too.