Sunday, July 24, 2016

Keeler is eight

Keeler is eight. Eight-years-old. How?  How is this even possible?  
Keeler's been such a joy since day one. I've said it before, because it's so true, but he made us realize what life is really about... there is no love like the love for your children. 
Words I use to describe Keeler would be: curious {welcome to our world of approx. 37,978 questions a day}, cooperative, careful and loving.
I struggle to see him grow older, I miss baby Keeler but boy, we sure do love the young man that he is becoming. 
Here's a little bit about Keeler, our eight-year-old. 

Keeler's 8th Birthday Interview:
::What's your favorite color? green
::What's your favorite toy?  farm toys 
::What's your favorite fruit?  all of them  
::What's your favorite tv show?  23 Blast (movie)  
::What's your favorite meal?  Meatloaf  
::What's your favorite outfit?  I don't know (sports wear)
::What's your favorite game?  Farming Simulator 16
::What's your favorite animal?  cows
::What's your favorite song?  "Vacation" by Thomas Rhett  
::What's your favorite book?  Farming books at Granny's house. 
::Who's your best friend?  Dad
::What's your favorite thing to do outside?  ride my bike and electric toys 
::What's your favorite drink?  Vanilla Cream Dr. Pepper
::What's your favorite holiday?  4th of July 
::What do you want to be when you grow up? a cowboy

If you missed Keeler's 8th Birthday Weekend post, you can find it here.
Eight is GREAT!!
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