Monday, April 30, 2012

Totally Awesome Weekend

We had a “Totally Awesome” weekend!  Ulysses Jr. Civic  hosted our 2nd annual Family Fun Run-Walk (5k & 1 mile prediction run).  It was a big success with over 60 participants.  Plus we raised over $2,000.  All our proceeds will go back to the community.  The race was an 80’s theme and it was so much fun getting to dress up.  It wasn’t hard to find 80s clothes because the bright colors and color blocking is everywhere.  It’s coming back! 
Tyler's cousins and granny came out to support us.  I hardly recognized his cousins when they can walking up.  Obviously, they walked away with our "best 80's costume" award!

My sweet friend, Jill, and her boys came over after the race.  Jill is working on her MBA and as assignment she had to watch Erin Brockovich and relate it back to her studies.  So we watched the movie while the boys played in the playroom.  I didn’t mind helping her with her homework at all!  Her boys are 4 & 5.  Keeler thinks he is just as big and keeps up with them well.  Her oldest, Cameron, just learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  He brought his bike over to show us.  After the movie we went to the park.  The boys rode their bikes.  I was so proud that Keeler was able to ride the entire way and never complained.  I hate that I didn’t take my camera because they looked so cute on their little bikes and riding in a row with their helmets one.  We had so much fun together and managed to squeeze in two Sonic trips throughout the day.  Jill said it best, “we have the most fun doing nothing together!”
The last picture cracks me up, "not another picture mom!"

Funny little cowboy says:  It’s not a newsflash that Keeler gets up early every day.  But I guess we talk about in enough that Tyler and I had to laugh when he said this recently, “When I get up at six tomorrow, can I watch Carebears?”

On Sunday, we went to church.  It was communion Sunday and we had twelve young kids join the church.  It was so exciting to see these young people profess their faith.  After church, Tyler made his version of Japanese steakhouse (Ka-Baker's, Ha!) and then mowed the lawn while the little cowboys and I took a long nap.  I love a lazy Sunday!  After naps, Keeler and I baked cupcakes.  In the evening, our neighbors invited us over for dinner and we finished the weekend enjoying a nice rain that blessed our area with nearly half an inch of moisture.  


“A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is the rain.” - Arabian Proverb

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