Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 7 Months!

Dear Kallahan,
I express it every month, that you are growing up too fast but really sloooow down little man!  Your first year is going by a lot quicker than it did with big brother, Keeler.  It doesn’t help that you are hitting milestones faster than he did too.  You have “grown up” so much in the past month.  You have the cutest little personality.  Still such a happy baby.
Over the past month you have got in two teeth! You are eating first stage baby food like a champ. Your top favorites are bananas and prunes, but you also like carrots a lot. Other foods you’ve enjoyed include sweet potatoes and saltine crackers. How you can make such a mess with a single cracker amazes us.  We’re afraid that you may have had an allergic reaction to milk products recently…hopefully this is something you will grow out of.  However, we found you immediately broke out in little red bumps around your mouth when you sampled some of our ice-cream. 
Sleeping, what sleeping?!  We have had some hard nights lately.  You have been waking up several times during the night and just want to be held.  You’ll go hard back to sleep but as soon as we put you down you were back awake.  So, after a couple weeks of sleepless nights Mommy and Daddy made the decision that it was time to finally start the sleep training.  I love rocking you to sleep and since your crib was in your brothers room we really couldn't let you cry long, in fear that you would wake Keeler.  So, the first step was we moved the big crib into your room.  The past two nights we have used the Ferber Method.  It's going well, after the third time of checking on you both nights, you were out.  Best of all, you've been sleeping all night!  Way to go Kallahan! :)    
You are a mover.  I don’t know if we are ready but every day you get a little closer to crawling. As soon as you are put on the ground, you prop up on your knees and start rocking.  All you need to figure out are how those arms work with the motion.  Baby proofing needs to be become our number one priority. Let the fun begin!
Happy 7 months, Sweetbaby. We love you.

We have been blessed with some awesome weather recently.  Keeler is enjoying our nightly “family walks” and playing with his outdoor toys.  

 After baths last night, I put the little cowboys in a set of their matching pajamas.  
I tried to get some together pictures.  This is the best I could do.  Tyler even tried to help me.  We wondered how do photographers do it? Ha!  Oh well, they look cute and I think I captured their "true selves"  a.k.a., just goofy! :)  

Keeler is on an oatmeal kick.  It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, it’s oatmeal.  He loves to watch his cartoons at breakfast but complains that he can’t see the TV from the table.  This morning I pulled out his little kid table and let him set in front of the TV…he thought it was the greatest.  He said, “it’s like a restaurant!”  Then he had to get a chair for George.  I am looking forward to a weekend of playing with my little cowboys.  TGIF



  1. Their eyes are beyond gorgeous!

  2. time does go by so fast - but a blink of an eye & life is gone -00