Friday, May 25, 2012

Down a bumpy road...

Nearly exactly two years ago I took these pictures of Keeler and our friend little Grace at the farm.  They are still some of my favorite pictures I have ever captured.  
I dug these out because this weekend my friend Kady & I plan on taking our kids out to the farm.  She has two of the cutest little girls & well, I have two of the cutest little cowboys (mommy might be partial) so we have high hopes that we will get some cute pictures.  We planned on doing this a few weeks ago but it ended up raining.  Keeler is so excited this is back on our weekend agenda.  He has been  asking about taking pictures with Kamber almost daily.  Who knows, they might not cooperate but at least we’ll have fun trying!
For Memorial Day weekend I have decided to stay in town and not go out of town as originally planned.  I just decided that I want to spend time with my little cowboys.  We have some things to do around the house and after the past few whirlwind weekends it’s going to be nice to relax and get caught up.  It’s not very often that we have time to just enjoy the moment.  
Here’s to wishing everyone a wonderful & safe Memorial Day.


It's time to honor and remember the heroes who fought for freedom and laid down their lives..  

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