Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Whoas!

We had a busy weekend and as usual it went by too fast.  When I called Tyler on my way to pick up the boys on Friday evening I could tell he was frustrated with a few malfunctions at the farm --- imagine that, sounds like he'll be working late.  Ugh, not again, he worked late all week.  So, I knew the only way we could get to see him was to take him dinner.  Our little neighbor girl came over right as we were loading up to head to the farm so we asked her to come along.  
We made the best out a bad situation and ended up having a fun evening.  We ate Sonic on the tailgate, went riding on the Ranger and watered cattle.  It was a perfect evening and I was glad we got to brighten Tyler’s evening.  However, the only picture I managed to take was while waiting at Sonic…Keeler had to buckle up this doggy. 

On Saturday, I watched our friend Grace while her mom was busy working on their house.  We went to the park and played at home.  In the evening we got ready for the local Bull Bash.  
It was our first time to take the kids to a rodeo-type event.  Keeler had a blast.  We ended up sitting by one of his cowboy friends from school.
I couldn't tell you if anyone rode a bull.  I was entertained with these two.  
Seriously, I just love having little cowboys!  
 Sunday, we woke up and the weather had changed dramatically.  It was cold and cloudy.  We went to church and then retreated to the house for a nice family day
Baby proofing  has become necessary!  We got the baby gate installed at the top of the stairs.  Kallahan is on the move!  We turn our heads for a minute and this little cowboy is off.  His favorite place to go is on the tile to look out the windows.
 Keeler got a haircut - by mommy.  It's not perfect but hey, it's free. 
Then he crashed!  We must have kept him too busy.  He fell asleep at 5pm and slept all night long.  


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