Monday, May 14, 2012

Young Lady

My favorite (one and only) niece, Jacey, had her first communion this Sunday on Mother’s Day.  It was such a wonderful morning.  
First of all, we had to travel about 30 miles to the church so I got to spend the first part of the day with my special mother.  I always had and always will have the best relationship with my mom.  She is my rock.  I love you mom!  Sorry my gift giving was pretty bad this Mother’s Day.  One bad thing about my mom is she is so hard to buy for.  She is so unlike me – I want everything!  Hope you enjoy that cookie sheet.
Jacey is becoming such a mature and beautiful young lady.  Two of my sister’s children have this beautiful red hair.  We don’t know where it came from but it has been so fitting for these two.  Both red heads are fiery, full of life and ornery as can be – which I love.  They have kept their parents on their toes.  However, now that they are getting older they are both calming down and turning into the neatest kids.  They are both super smart and I can’t wait to see where life leads them.  Going to her communion just got me thinking about additional milestones to come like prom, graduations, etc…  It is all going by too quickly.  
I sometimes feel sad that I don’t have a girl but then I always remind myself, you have Jacey.  I know my sister is more than willing to share her special moments with me.  She will always be there when aunt Kelley needs a shopping day, a mani/pedi fix or just some girl time.  I love this little lady. :)  You are so special to me Jacey Mae!

*Stay tuned for more details of this past weekend.   Especially exciting pictures & details from my mother-in-law’s “too fit to be 50 party” – we had a blast!
I'll close with this sweet picture of my mom and little cowboy Kallahan. I hope your Mother's Day was special and spent with those you love too!


“He fills my life with good things!”  Psalm 103:5 TLB

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