Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Family Pictures

My best friend Sabra, of Sabra Turner Designs, recently took our family pictures.  Most of you saw a sneak peak on facebook but I wanted to share again.  Plus, there are a few more on the cd that I think are pretty cute.  She is so talented!
My little cowboys are at such a fun age I am so glad that I will have these pictures to look back at someday.  I am truly blessed beyond belief.   
Photography c/o:  Sabra Turner Designs

Today my heart is aching for the Canahuati family.  I stumbled across an article on Saturday about a sweet 5 month old baby girl that was diagnosed with SMA, an incurable genetic disease.  The article lead me to a blog that her father had started about a month ago.  It’s called “Avery’s Bucket List.”  They wanted to see how many things the infant could experience in her short little life, her doctor said that she would probably not live past 18 months.   The blog chronicles many different things that she has experienced, like her first kiss, trip to college, etc… Yesterday, she went to meet Jesus.  Her parents are asking for awareness to be brought to SMA.  Please take time to look at their blog.


“A human life is a story told by God.” - Hans Christian Andersen

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