Friday, August 17, 2012

cooler temps

The weather has been so nice the past few days.  We are taking every chance we get to be outdoors and enjoy the cooler temps.  Yesterday when we got home from work it was 79º at 
6 o’clock!  We pulled into the garage, immediately got out Keeler’s bike, strapped Kal into his stroller and the little cowboys and I booked it to the park.  Booked it: I use this term loosely because we didn’t make it there without multiple attempts to get off the bike, taking stand still “rest breaks” and making silly moves like trying to give Kal a high-five while peddling which results in a bicycle/stroller side swipe!  Keeler explained to me on the way there that “exercise makes our bodies happy!” :) That’s right little cowboy, I’m one happy mommy since this week I have surpassed my workout goal of 4 days a week with either a run or walk on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  
It’s all about making choices.

Right as we were walking up to the park, we ran into our neighbor Cristen with her two friends.  Talk about perfect timing!  They are all sweet 6th grade girls and do so well with my little cowboys.  
They all had so much fun!  

cell phone photo dump:
I just love that little face!!

My mom, sister and her children are headed our way tomorrow. 
 The kids have one last “vacation” before they go back to school.   


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  1. I am so jealous of your cooler temps. Were still in the upper 90's here! If the heat does not keep us inside then the mosquitoes do. They are so horrible right now!

    I simply love the first picture at the park in shadow. It's beautiful!