Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Minnesota Vacation

We made it back today from our family trip to Minnesota to visit the Van Bakels.  We had a wonderful time and the vacation seemed to fly by too quickly.  
This was both the little cowboys’ first airplane ride.  They did great!

Andrew & Kristin were perfect hosts.  They had an great agenda planned but allowed us leeway so the time there was easy going and fun for everyone.  We absolutely loved getting to be around baby Henry.  His demeanor (completely relaxed) seemed to make us realize how different our baby Kal is.  The babies are only 10 weeks apart but seriously, our kid is crazy busy!!  
Between Kristin & I this might be a bit of picture overload but I hope you get the idea ---we had an amazing time and loved being around great friends. 
Mall of America fun!  Keeler might have stayed here the entire trip.

Cabela's visit.  Who knew this could be so much fun?!

Farmer's Market Morning.  
On the way Kristin asked Keeler what be wanted to he eat for breakfast, he said "fish."  Guess what, he got fish!

We enjoyed lots of great food, Keeler had his first lottery experience with pull-tabs, the little cowboys enjoyed an impromptu swim on the deck & Kal continually got in Hen's bubble!

We loved that we got to celebrate Andrew's upcoming 30th birthday!  We stayed in a hotel, went swimming and tried our best to get our money's worth of the free happy hour while the babies crashed!  I didn't get any pictures but Keeler had the best time playing by the fountains with other hotel guest children.  

Look at these sweet babies in matching pajamas --- by far the best purchases from our outlet shopping day!

On our last day in MN we went to the horse races.  Keeler had more fun playing at the playground and at the petting zoo but Tyler won some money in the casino and I won $1.60 on the first race!  

Since our departure flight was delayed Andrew took us to the Mall of America one last time.  Keeler AND Tyler had a great time!

I snapped this photo from the Van Bakel's kitchen window one morning.  Can you imagine looking out at this everyday...absolutely breathtaking.  

Thanks again Van Bakel's for a wonderful time.  We hope to see you very soon :)