Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy 11 months baby boy!

Dear Kallahan,
Happy 11 months baby boy! You are so happy, bouncy and inquisitive.  You still have only 8 teeth, are a good sleeper and such a sweet little guy.  You are completely over baby food and eating soft foods very well…there’s not much you don’t care for.  You love ribs and other meats!  Such a man.  

Mommy is proud to report that you can wave bye-bye now.  You are so cute when I rub lotion on you after the bath by rubbing your own belly.  Another thing I don't want to forget is how you love to whistle.  Yes, whistle.  You pucker your mouth just right and work until a whistle sound comes out. - Amazing!  I need to get this on video.  

This month you have started making a few more attempts at words.  The two that I’ve heard the most are “yuck” and “dada.”  However, this morning you actually made a “mmm” sound and said “mama!!!”  Witnessing these developmental milestones is so magical!

You are starting to be quite playful.  The cutest is recently when you see grandma or your aunt Samantha you hold out your hands.  They come to get you and then you bury your head in mommy’s shoulder and then smile back at them.  Such a tease!  You love being tickled and to hear mommy fake sneeze.  You just giggle and giggle! :) We love your laugh.

We have begun to introduce the word “No” as we re-direct you in certain situations. You’ve actually done quite well with following through.  You typically look over and then begin on new exploration.  We catch you pushing all kinds of things across the floor as if it’s a truck.  You are all boy Kallahan!  

You also love to play with your big brother.
I love so many things about this photo:
Keeler has his magic sock on...the cure for everything!
My sister bought this train/track over 10 years ago for $25.  What a great investment!
Brotherly love, look at the joy in their faces. :)

Just think, this time last year we were all anticipating your arrival and now… your first birthday is just a month away and we’re planning a big “little red wagon” party to celebrate one whole year of your sweet little life. How time flies! Oh my baby, I love you Kal. Happy 11 months!


Keeler at 11 months.  
We had these pictures taken for Tyler's first father's day in June of 2009.  
I think both my little cowboys both look quite a bit alike aside from the hair.  


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  1. It is amazing how time does fly. Before kids it would seem like a year was a long time. Now with kids, a year is over in a blink!

    Love the idea of a little red wagon theme for his b-day!