Monday, August 27, 2012

Wagon Photos and Weekend Whoas

We took Kal out yesterday to get a cute picture for his birthday invitation.  It was a successful venture!  Seriously, it was hard to choose just two pictures for the invitation since we ended up with all these darling shots.  Tyler was great and played with the little cowboys while I finished up the design last night.  
Thanks to Granny and Cristen everything went smoothly.  Honestly, this precious overall wearing - chubby baby really makes my heart smile.
Plus we managed to have a lot of fun at the park...
 Granny & Kallahan.  
We quickly learned that when this baby has rocks in hand's reach...
eeekkk, this baby has rocks in his mouth!!!
Cristin & Kallahan

Weekend Whoas  (in pictures!)
 Kallahan took 2 out world!!  
He is still very wobbly and soon face planted...ouch.
On Saturday, Kal & I enjoyed a nice 3 mile jog/walk with Laura & Briggan... with an extra perk of stopping by a couple early morning garage sales. We might have to make this a habit! Then we went to Dodge City and Tyler purchased us a new used lawn mower!
 These boys are crazy and so much fun :)
Tonight we have Keeler's meet & greet at preschool.  He has the same sweet teacher this year but we will get to meet all the kids that will be in his class.  
Have a great week!!


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  1. I love reading about the kids! I love the pictures!