Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cousin Weekend!

My sister and her family came from Texas for their last trip before school starts. It's been a laid back visit since we don't have much of an agenda.  We had a fun morning organizing the playroom (pictures to come soon).  Both the older kids have lockers this year so we spent some time gathering Jakob some John Deere photos.  Best of all, the weather was perfect so we took the kids out to play and what better time to snap a few photos.

My sister wanted me to take some individuals of her kiddos since life has been so busy that she hasn't had a chance to get any this year.  It was my pleasure...we had so much fun, I love these beautiful/crazy kids.
We concluded our evening with a nice dinner with neighbors and an evening stroll to the park.  After the kids crashed, thankfully my sister highlighted my hair which took care of my 4" roots while I edited pictures.  This afternoon the bigger boys plan to go play golf while we relax & enjoy getting to see one another.  
Happy Sunday :)


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  1. Great pics Kelley! Yay to getting hair done, my sissy did mine this weekend too!