Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bedtime Boys & Randomness

 It feels like it’s been awhile since I posted about nothing too momentous but just about things I don't want to forget.  So here goes!  
Nighttime routine at our house has become very eventful.  Examples include:  begging Keeler to let us wash his hair without throwing a fit and constantly telling Kallahan to sit down in his highchair…this baby is short of Houdini and can manage to maneuver out of any buckle.  And then there are bedtime stories.  Keeler has always loved to be read to, since he was tiny.  Kallahan is a different story…no pun intended.  This kid crawls over the book, tears at the pages and does gymnastics on the bed while we read.  It’s as if he doesn't understand the concept at all...we are hoping it's just that he is too young.  We have decided to hold off a bit on this one.  
Last night when I got out of the shower, Tyler had dressed the boys in their newest pair of matching pajamas.  I just eat this up so I got out the camera!  Keeler was actually cooperative.  I think the option of "be good for pictures" over bedtime really worked.  I'll have to remember this one.   
Thanks for the cute pajamas Grandma Kak!        
 My baby is walking more everyday. 
Recently, Keeler has started the "I'm scared of the dark, there is a monster in my room..." routine.  One night while pleading with him to stay in bed he said, "mom, will you sleep with me."  I said, "No Keeler, you are fine."  He said, "But you ALWAYS sleep with daddy."  - as if I was picking favorites.  :)
My silly cowboys:
Yesterday afternoon I stayed home in the afternoon with Kallahan since we had so many doctor/dentist appointments.  Keeler went to the farm with daddy after his dentist appointment and school.  Tyler said Keeler asked if he could work on the farm when he gets bigger.  Tyler said of course.  Keeler then proceeded to tell him... "And maybe Granny can watch my kid too!"   :)
Keeler did so good at the dentist yesterday!  He had a good report too.  Keep up the good work cowboy...this makes mommy very proud.  We are so blessed with a wonderful dentist in town.  



  1. The comment about "Granny watching his kid too" cracks me up! Adorable boys, great pictures!