Sunday, October 21, 2012

13 months old.

My baby cowboy is 13 months old.  We have out grown sticky pickies which means the monthly update posts are less “mandatory” but I still want to keep track of this little guy.  It seems within the past couple days he has changed so much.  He has been walking for over a month but little boy (not baby) mannerisms are more present daily.  He loves to play.  He loves to be outside – in the dirt.  He knows what he wants and where he is going.  He thinks he is big stuff!  We are finding it humorous because he is still such a little guy.   
These little boots are priceless.  They were given to my husband when he was a baby by his late grandfather (his absolute idol).  Keeler wore them and now Kal is sporting them.  And boy does he love them.  They are the only shoes he doesn't seem to fight wearing.  Already a little cowboy?!   
 We still aren't talking much at all...but we have started pointing which 
helps with communication  #anythingisbetterthanscreaming

The weather this weekend was perfect.  I took pictures for friends which I need to be editing but I couldn't resist working on Granny & I’s impromptu photo-shoot of Kal first.  We decided to take his pictures because we were simply bored since Keeler & Tyler were at the farm ‘til late.  They were preg-checking cattle.  Keeler stayed out at the farm all day.  Tyler said he did great.  Keeler has been talking about their adventure all weekend!  How much he really understands I have no idea. :) 



  1. O my gosh! He is precious. I love him in that belt jeans and boots. What a heartbreaker! nothing better than good ole country boys :)

    1. Thanks Stacy!! Gotta love our country boys!

  2. That makes me miss my little cowboy so much! He has stolen my heart, so has Keeler of course. I am looking forward to seeing yall in a couple of weeks.

  3. So cute--just found your blog and my goodness, it's So stinking cute! Looking forward to reading more. Hope you check us out at!