Tuesday, January 22, 2013

by 30!

The big 3-0 is knocking at my door.  That's right my 30th birthday is only 65 days away.  
65 days away people!  
I have told several people over the past year that I want to be in the best shape in my life by 30.  I've done pretty well with keeping track of calories using myfitnesspal.com and training for a half but I've got to be honest - most days I am over my calorie goal and have not eaten as well as I should.  
Today was a wake-up call for me.  When I logged in today, I got a notification, "you've logged in for 100 days in a row!"  My "friends" were praising me but I didn't feel proud.  Yes I've logged in for 100 days, but no I have not done well for 100 days.  I would really hate to go back and count how many of those days I have not made my goals.  

 Well something has to change if I want to be in my "best shape by 30!"  
Since I am a major a visual person I made this chart to put on my fridge.  

After seeing it all laid out I know I have time.  I think I'll do a weekly post on my progress.  This will just help keep me accountable so feel free to ignore.
Do you have a wellness goal you want to set?  What helps you?  I'd be happy to make you a goal chart if you think it'd help.  
The third decade of my life is going to rock...starting with my healthy lifestyle!
{P.S I also bought this yesterday}
Yay for MLK super sales!! 
source:  oldnavy.gap.com
The thought of swimsuit weather and the hopes of a sunny birthday trip are also good for accountability. :)   



  1. So just by chance seen your blog. SERIOUSLY, did you read my mind today. I was sitting at my desk thinking to myself I have to do something to get ready for summer (I say this every year). But I can't even begin to think about being in a swimsuit. I started my blog to try & have more accountability & like you I am on Myfitnesspal. Maybe I will make my own chart. Thanks for the post, I really needed it. Feel free to check out my blog:)

  2. Love your chart as a visual motivator. And what a great goal, to start your 30's off totally rockin' it. Might just have to borrow that one when I get there! Good luck lady, and thanks for linking up! Excited to follow your journey!