Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Whoas

We had an amazing weekend celebrating my handsome hubby!  
All week we ho-hummed about what to do for his birthday.  We finally decided on Thursday evening to have a cookout with the neighbors.  We didn't want to do anything big.  But then we decided that we needed to include his cousin, Shalie, who's birthday is just a couple days after his.  Then of course we wanted to invite all the rest of the family and her boyfriend's family so needless to say, it turned into quite a big group.  I love that we have so many people close to celebrate with! #themorethemerrier
On Saturday when I finally had time to think about planning and shopping for the party - I started to panic and knew I needed to get lots of stuff. Keeler had luckily gone out to the farm with Tyler so I loaded up Kallahan and we headed to Sam's.  The closest Sam's is about 45 minutes away.  Kal did great riding in the car and was such a good little shopper.  He must get this from his mommy :)
  It worked out perfect that our neighbors were also in town shopping so we met up.  Randy helped me shop - he's great at throwing big meals together and then Cristen ended up staying with me to help with Kallahan.  
The party consisted of grilled chicken/steak/shrimp kabobs, beer and lots of laughs. Granny brought over two of her famous chocolate cakes and then Cristen decorated them.  I let Cristen and the kids handle the party decorating.  Since it was a last minute party my OCD party planning skills were put on the back burner.  It was progress for me!
Everyone seemed to have a great time.  It was so nice to have the neighbors involved because then my boys had some kids to play with.  We are the only family in town that has small children so parties sometimes are disappointing for the little cowboys.  But not this party!  The boys played outside and had a great time!  The kids also had a lot of fun helping Cristen decorate.  They decorated one of the tables and then chalked birthday messages and pictures on the driveway.  
Happy birthday Tyler and Shalie!!
On Sunday, after church, we all enjoyed a nice nap.  Everyone was drained from our fun Saturday night.  Once we all got around again Tyler wanted to do some work in the garden.  I worked in the flower beds and the little cowboys played in the yard.  We even played in the sprinklers for the first time this year!  After a fun afternoon outside we all needed a refreshment.  For Tyler's birthday I bought him Mexican Cokes (one of his favorites) but guess who decided they needed some?! 
I'll leave out the part about my baby spilling said coke not once, not twice but three times all over my newly cleaned kitchen floor.  But it made for some pretty darling photos.


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