Monday, May 13, 2013

To My Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.  I'm a day late but luckily yesterday I was just too busy spending time with my own mom, my mother-in-law and with the two most precious cowboys that made me a mommy.  
I'm beyond blessed to have such a great mother and mother-in-law.    
I've read a lot of other blogs today where ladies have dedicated a post to their mothers and it made me want to do the same.  Yes, I spent the day with my mom and bought her a gift but I want to tell her how much she means to me.  
My mom has always been there for me.  My mom didn't work outside the home much while I was growing up.  She was always there to pick me up from school, to pack my lunch EVERYDAY - seriously y'all I never ate a single day in the school cafeteria.  It wasn't that she was just there most the time or because she fed me well either.  You see, inside that lunch box there was often a note telling me to have a great day.  When she picked me up from school, she was always there on time and parked in the exact same spot.  Again, a little weird but I was the type of kid that would panic if she wasn't there when I walked out or if I lost sight of her in the grocery store.  She knew this so she made a great effort at comforting me and reassuring me.  
She's our families backbone.  When my dad was unable to work due to serious burn injuries, she was the one that nursed him back to health.  She never left his side.  All the while I'm sure it was breaking her heart to leave my sister and I but she knew we were well cared for by my grandmother - also an amazing woman but that's a whole separate  post.  And then when my dad went back to school to get another degree after his injury, my mom took a night job to help support our family.  She never wanted our family to need or want.  And boy did she accomplish that.  I look back and my childhood was so secure and I never felt unloved or insecure.  I always felt like my mom had all the time in the world to hear about my day, to watch a movie with me or go on a walk.  She kept our house immaculately clean yet I don't recall her ever actually cleaning.  I'm sure she did it while we were in school but that was just that, she always had time for us.  And for all of this and for so many, many other reasons I know hands down I have the best mother in the world.  Yes, that sounds immature but it's true.  She is the best mother for me (crazy, little OCD me) and now the best to all her grandchildren.  
Thank you for all that you've done and for all that you do.
Love you mom!



  1. LOVE this Kelley! You are such a sweet daughter. Happy "late" Mother's Day!

    1. Thanks Anne. Happy Mother's Day to you - one of the best little mommas around.