Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weekend Whoas

Well our weekend started on Thursday of last week.  Yes, a nice long weekend and we packed in a lot of fun.  However, it didn't feel long as we traveled over 750 miles.   
 While packing up for our trip on Wednesday evening our town was hit by a thunderstorm.  Kallahan was really interested...  
"What's this mommy?" 
It's called rain baby! 
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Our first stop on the road-trip was to my hometown of Panhandle.  My nephew, Jakob, was playing baseball.  It was so fun to watch him play.  
He pitched the entire game.  I was so impressed with his natural talent!
The little boys had a blast at the ball field.  Soon after we arrived it started sprinkling so we all ended up spectating from the car before they called the game right at the end due to lightening.  

On Friday, my sister, her two youngest, my mom with my little cowboys and I all headed further down south.  We went to celebrate my cousin, Megan's college graduation and attend another cousin's wedding shower.
Highlights from the trip:
1:: Playing in aunt Peggy's rocks (who would have guessed? - boys and rocks!)
2::  Meeting Harassing Stephen and Heather's cats
3:: Seeing a lot of family that we rarely see - wish we could do this more often
4::  Special memories made between our kids  
5::  Kallahan's screaming in the car
6::  Kallahan "mooing" at most anything out the car window thinking it's a cow.  Yes, little cowboy says "moo" at cows, horses and even pump-jacks.  But this mommy is proud.  He's starting to talk more and more each day.  Progress folks.  

We are so proud of Megan.  I have a special bond with this little chick, she lived in Kansas with Tyler and me when she first started off to junior college.  She'll always be kind of like a daughter or little sister to me.  She is such a smart and talented young woman.
 I made her this framed piece as a special gift.  It sums her up perfectly.  We also made her a money lei and presented it to her after graduation at her party.
Oh her party y'all, it was so nice!  Her mom, grandparents (a.k.a, Meme & Poppa) and aunt went all out.  They had such cute decorations and the food was AMAZING!  It was such a nice time.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for our little May-may.

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