Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Whoas

This past weekend Tyler helped his uncle Lyle out by working his branding.  Unfortunately, his uncle recently had a 4-wheeler accident so Tyler was more than happy to help.  My husband's annual branding is more 'old school.'  The cowboys wrestle the cattle and don't use a chute as they did at Lyle's.  Tyler likes to turn it into a big event for friends and family.  
 Tyler asked that I bring the little cowboys out.  Before heading to the  farm we went into a local store where we ran into one of Keeler's preschool friends.  Keeler asked if we could take him out to the branding.  I'm glad we did because the two had the best time!
 Kallahan on the other hand didn't care too much for the cold wind.  I stayed with him in the car most the morning.  I think he had just as much fun turning all the buttons in the car and pretending to drive.  What a boy!
 After Tyler was done with the first set of cattle he helped the little cowboys ride a horse.
 The big cowboys had more work to do so I took the little cowboys home right before lunch.  Neil stayed and played all afternoon.  They had a lot of fun.  
Kallahan slept most the afternoon.  I think we wore him out from Friday night's fun.  The neighbors and their 3 little boys came over and we stayed up too late playing games and eating pizza!
On Sunday, we went to church and then spent most the day outside.  We worked in the yard and even ended up planting a garden.  
I'm linking up with Ashley today for Move it Monday Tuesday!  I was happy to see that she was running a day behind this week too.
I ended week 3 of my 30 Day Challenge right where I hoped to be.  
I managed to get my weekend 3-5 miles in and even surpassed my goal by completing 7 miles!  However, if I had not gone on my longer Sunday run I would have been over on calories.  Thank goodness for the ability to burn!  I tried to stick to my healthy eating this weekend but we made some awesome tacos for Cinco de Mayo and then you have to have a beer with tacos, right?  I've got one more week of my challange.  I should be down to my goal weight -- yippee!! 
Join me, I'm keeping track with dailymile and myfitnesspal.   

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  1. We are looking forward to our trip this weekend. Cannot wait to see yall. Looks like yall had a great weekend. Love you, Aunt Mantha