Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

Here's a little Mother's Day Weekend recap...
Our weekend started out with a little soccer.  My mom, sis and two of her kiddos came to town to watch Keeler's game.  Keeler was super excited to have them watch him and talked about it nonstop throughout the week.  He couldn't wait to impress them with his mad skills ;) 
Keeler always has a great cheering section.  
The game was awesome!  Our little soccer stud was selected as team captain, won the coin toss (or even better - the paper, rock, scissor throw), scored his first career goal, played his little heart out and the Royal Sharks WON the game!  They're still undefeated.
We are so proud of Keeler.  I am so glad that he's found a sport that he truly enjoys and is having such a positive experience with great coaches and teammates. #goblue
After the game, we had a little Cinco de Mayo party on the patio!  We had tacos and a kid-friendly margaritas.
Cheers!  It was a perfect family night.
Friday, Keeler went to the zoo with his class.  We dropped off Samuel and Kal at the farm {thanks again Tyler} and us girls headed to the city for a fun Mother's Day celebration.  We started with a little shopping, had a nice lunch, a little more shopping, went to the movies... 
did a little more shopping, and then completed the day with ice-cream before heading back to the house.  
It was such a fun day.  I am so glad that I got to spend time with my favorite ladies and most importantly, celebrate our mom.  She's our family's backbone... 24/7 counselor, our biggest supporter and loves like no other. Happy Mother's Day Grandma Kak!! We LOVE you!!
Saturday morning we went out to the the fairgrounds to see our old bucket calf, Tuff.  Tuff was competing at the Spring Livestock Show.  His new owner invited us out so we had to come see him.  He weighed in at 240lbs and took first place in his class! 
After a nice lunch out, my family headed home.  We were sad to see them leave but so thankful that they had come to visit.  We were pretty tired from the eventful few days so we took a rest {thank you Netflix} and then headed to town to buy some flowers.  After my shopping spree on Friday, I told Tyler that all I wanted/needed on Mother's Day was flowers for the yard.
In the evening, we headed to the local Bull Bash.  Nothing beats a night out with these three handsome cowboys.
It ended up being a very exciting event... one of the bulls jumped the fence into the audience stands.  Thankfully no one was seriously injured.  It sure made for a memorable experience ;)
On Mother's Day the little cowboys were so worn out from the rodeo that they both slept past eight o'clock, which is sleeping in at our house.  This made for a nice relaxing start to the day.  We went to church and Sunday school and then started on some yard work.  I was so happy that Tyler made my wish of beautiful flowers come to life.  He's the best hubby and father!
I really did have the best Mother's Day.  I lose my temper, holler, complain, misunderstand and at times don't know what the heck I'm doing but for some reason, God entrusted these two precious souls to me.  I am forever grateful.  And for some reason, thankfully, they are quick to forgive and trust me unconditionally.  Daily, I strive to be a better mom because they deserve nothing but the very best.  These two little cowboys bring me the biggest joy I've ever known! I can't even begin to describe how full my heart is... 
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