Wednesday, May 25, 2016

School Year Complete & Hello Summer!

Last Thursday was this little cowboys last day of preschool in the 3 & 4 year-old class. His first year of school experience was great. He was blessed with a wonderful, loving teacher and always looked forward to "school days." 
Of course I had to look back at his first day of school pics.
My little cowboy obviously grew quite a bit taller over the school year but he's also grown is so many other ways.  He's such a smart little dude.  At his recent school IEP his teacher reported that he's right on track and as for speech, his therapist is going to decrease her visits down to 2 times weekly for 20 minutes based on his progress.
We're so proud of you Kallahan!  You were so brave all school year and behaved well.
He made some great friends this year - his best friends are actually two little girls that are cousins.  They call him their "boyfriend." He also claims he has "two girlfriends." Quite the ladies' man!  He's already looking forward to next year. He'll have one more year of preschool at the same school and with the same teacher.  We're so blessed!

This little dude is officially done with first grade!  How did that happen so quickly?  I failed at taking any milestone pictures so I guess we'll remember first grade as the year he ended with facial hair.  On his last day of school I helped with his school FUN DAY and got to paint mustaches on close to 500 kids.  We really did have a lot of FUN!
 Our first weekend of the summer was a fun one!  We started off the day by wrapping a present for Haylee's 2nd birthday party.  The little cowboys decided that they wanted to make Haylee books and worked on them all morning.  I was so impressed with their patience and hard work on this project.

In the afternoon we meet the neighbors for lunch and then headed to the traveling carnival!
 The boys both wanted to ride horses before the show.
 Then it was time for the tent show!  It was about 167 degrees in the tent so we HAD to get snowcones to help cool us down.
 Oh, I love these two little faces.
 Before we left they boys enjoyed the inflatables with Stryker.

 After the carnival, it was time to roll over to Miss Haylee's 2nd birthdat party.
Oh, I just love this little cutie!
Look at momma Brittney and Rachel matching {not planned} and both rocking that pregnancy glow!
 In the evening we played in the yard.  The boys cleaned up their tractor and Gator which led to some water fun with the neighbors.
The weekend was such a great start to summer break.
And today, I had the little cowboys and some friend's girls come out to the store and record our first ad for our "Thank a Farmer" radio campaign. 
They did such a great job!  Thankfully they work for ice cream ;)
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