Sunday, July 17, 2016

Parade & Tractor Pull

This Saturday was our town's Annual Fair Kick Off with a parade and kiddie tractor pull.
The little cowboys and I met my coworkers before they started down the parade procession with donuts, took some pictures and then headed to the main street to watch the parade this year since I hurt my foot recently running.
Granny joined us - it was her birthday so we felt pretty special that she was spending her time with us! Happy birthday Granny!
Maria with the little cowboys.  We love her ;)
I think Kallahan took this photo. I love Keeler's smile.
 I can't recall the last time we watched a parade since we're typically involved so it was kind of fun to watch. 

After the parade, we went straight to the Kiddie Tracor Pull that we host as a dealership.  
I LOVE this event.
Kallahan's Pull
Go Kallahan!!
He ended up placing 3rd in his age division.  Great job!
Keeler took the pull very seriously.
"Peddle like you stole it!"
Keeler ended up in 4th place in his age division.
We love fair week.  Unfortunately we didn't get to participate beyond these two events this year due to poor scheduling of our vacation but there're always next year.
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