Friday, July 1, 2016

June Highlights!

We're loving summer so much! I'm sad to see that the entire month of June is already behind us.  Sharing some of our favorite highlights from the month today.

The little cowboys spent a several days in Texas.  One of their favs was fishing with Jim dad.  He was so sweet and made sure and sent me some pics.
We're loving our new coffee shop in town.  Keeler requests regularly that we make a special breakfast trip before they head to the farm with dad.  They don't have to twist my arm to make this happen.
Another special treat, to gear us for our upcoming beach trip, was a trip to Red Lobster. I managed to snap this cute pic of little cowboys with Grandma Kak while we were waiting for our table.
Keeler was a HUGE fan of the crab legs.  It was so fun to watch him with Tyler.  I think he's going to love all the fresh seafood on our vacation :)
We had great time at our belated Father's Day celebration for the best Pa Diddy! He opened his presents and then we all went to dinner at Freddie's.

And who knew Keeler was Freddie's cutest new waiter?

Cheers to Pa Diddy! We LOVE you!
Little Brody turned three and we had a blast at his Finding Dory birthday party! Tiffany made his super adorable cake and planned such a fun party for the kids. 
Our roadtrip coming home from the party was complete after a sushi and snowcone stop.

What could make the month even sweeter? We got to meet our newest little neighbor, Breez.  He came a little earlier than expected but he is doing great and so is mommy. Congrats namily ;)


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